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Lead Testing Technicians in Portland, OR

Asbestos and Lead Testing in Portland, Oregon

Asbestos and lead were once widely used in commercial buildings and homes, but eventually, it became clear that these materials pose serious health risks. No longer would asbestos be used in insulation or lead be found as an ingredient in paint. Knowing if there are any materials on your property can reassure you that your building is safe for everyone. It can also tell you if there’s a danger that requires remediation. Asbestos and lead testing in Portland, Oregon, can provide the information you need.

Our certified technicians offer comprehensive environmental testing to know your property and air quality are safe and meet building regulations. If we check a commercial, industrial, or residential building, we will test for several problematic substances and help you plan how to move forward. We can help you adhere to standards from:

• EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) • DEQ (Department of Environmental Quality) • OSHA (Occupational Safety & Health Organization)

Providing the Information You Need

A lead test or asbestos testing is based on us. It’s an essential step to take before you begin renovating or remodeling your property. We’ll let you know the severity of any problem so you can deal with it. To give you the information you want as quickly as possible, we offer same-day, next-day, two-day, and five-day turnaround times.

How to Bring in a Sample

When bringing in a sample for asbestos and lead testing, please put the suspect material in a sealable sandwich bag before bringing it to our lab. The sample size should be thumbnail size to 3 inches by 3 inches at the largest. When selecting the location from which to draw your sample, find one that has all of the layers of a material present that need to be tested.

We believe that no elements are too small to ignore, from the quality of your indoor air to the particulate matter floating around your space. When you put your asbestos and lead assessment needs in the hands of our capable professionals, you can rest assured our work and restoration services will help you stay up to code with the following groups:

  • EPA (Environmental Protection Agency)   
  • DEQ (Department of Environmental Quality)
  • OSHA (Occupational Safety & Health Organization) 

Before you begin your project, please bring in a sample to find out what you are dealing with before disturbing it. Count on our skilled technicians for a quality assessment today.